Diseases Product
Ante Natal Care Pack

Calfer tablet, Masanumas monthly tablets with different herbal formulations for each month of pregnancy

Antioxident tonic Xerit tablet, Xerit syrup
Anxiety, Bipolar disorder Anxeel tablet
Arthritis Pentol tablets, Pentol liniment (for external use)
Asthama, Bronchitis Vasavleh
Attention deficit hyperactivity disease MCriz tablet, MCriz syrup, Ashtang Ghruta
Brain tonic Medhavini syrup, Medhavini tablet
Breast support B-restol Oil (for external application), Shatavari Kalpa
Cancer Bhallatak ghruta
Diabetes Sacrovap tablet
Diarrhoea Ojjal (ORS), R-qunol syrup, R-qunol tablets
Dry skin problems Shatadhauta ghruta
Eczema, Chronic dermatitis Jatyadi ghruta
Epilepsy Panchgavya ghruta, Saraswat ghruta
For strengthening sensory organs Panchendriya Vardhan Tel (Oil for nasal drops), Brahmi ghruta, Kumar kalyan ghruta
General Health Booster for women Shatavari Kalpa (elaichi, chocolate) with milk, Shatavari Tel (Oil) for external massage
General immunity booster Newpro (Sugar granules with milk), Xerit Syrup
Heart Tonic Hrudnil tablet, Arjun ghruta
Heavy bleeding in menses (menorrhegia) Menorvap tablet
Hyperacidity, Peptic ulcers Racid, Kushmand Pak
Immunity booster in chronic diseases

Ashwiniprash, Xerit Syrup, Ashwagandhadi Tel
(for external massage)
, Jatyadi Ghruta (improves local immunity and prevents bed sores)

Improve quality and quantity of breast milk Shatavari Kalpa (elaichi, chocolate), Lacta
Non-healing chronic wounds and ulcers like diabetic foot, bed sores etc Jatyadi Ghruta (for external application), Mahatikta Ghruta (for internal consumption)
Obesity Lipovap, Agastiprash
Parkinson's disease
Peripheral neuritis, Paralysis Bala Tel (Oil) For external massage, Sahachar Tel (Oil), Mahasahachar Tel (Oil) for external massage and internal consumption, Enuro tablet
Piles, Indigestion and geriatric Problems Agastiprash
Seasolnal cough and cold Adulsa compound, Rajson cough syrup
Skin nourisher and on burning skin conditions, minor cuts, wounds and pimples Shatadhauta Ghruta, Shatadhauta Ghruta (with turmeric) for external use
Strain, Sprain Pentol liniment (for external use)
Stretch marks Kikwisol (for external application)
Uterine tonic Femison tablet, Femison syrup, Phala Ghruta, Ashok ghruta
  * These indications are only as a general information for more details on specific disease or product please contact registered medical practitioner or mail the query to info@vappl.com

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